Eden District Council’s Chairman’s Carol Service at St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew's Church, Penrith

St. Andrew’s Church, Penrith

The Eden District Council’s Chairman’s Carol Service this evening at St. Andrew’s Church Penrith was led by Reverend David Sargent and held in Aid of Councillor John Thompson’s chosen charity, Eden Carers, a valuable support organisation for the many people, of various ages and circumstances, young through to elderly who are caring for someone.

The beautiful Church was filled with people from the Eden Valley and beyond and the service celebrated the first Christmas as the coming of light in the context of its difficult and dangerous times and celebrated the fortitude and nobility of people who are caring. We thought the Vicar’s prayers were very good.

There were fine readings by Councillors John Thompson and Gordon Nicholson and The High Sheriff of Cumbria, Mrs. Dianna Matthews, an amusing light reading from Julie Barrett, and the address was by The Bishop of Penrith, Rt Reverend Robert Freeman.

The music was excellent throughout with superb performances from Penrith’s Band, songs by the Lazonby and Beaconside School Choirs and Ullswater Community College Choir and  solo performances by Joan Gordon, Helen Southernwood and Emily Richardson.

It was a very uplifting service. The congregation and participants were served  refreshments afterwards in St. Andrew’s cafe.