Swallows and Amazons Forever! Keswick’s Theatre By The Lake

By Charles Paxton

We saw a superb production of Swallows and Amazons Forever at Keswicks’ Theatre By The Lake yesterday evening. It was well cast and great fun for the whole family.

We loved the rendition of the story and the music :

  • the acting talent – all characters faithful to the original story and suitably vivacious
  • clever use of innovative props
  • the music and sound effects ( all but one produced live by the performers)
  • the scenery
  • the lighting effects (lake ripples very effective)
Scene fom Keswick's Theatre by the lake's performance of Swallows and Amazons

Brilliant use of stage space and innovative props and special effects lighting combined with great acting and musical talent made for a fantastic and memorable performance.

My nephews greatly enjoyed the ice cream in the interval and agreed that the charcoal burners were very nicely portrayed.

All round it is a high quality production and it was great to see it performed in the heart of Lakeland.

Great fun, definitely worth seeing!