Kevan Taylor’s Winter Driving Advice


Winter Driving In Cumbria

By Kevan Taylor, Driving Instructor


Kevan Taylor of Eden Valley's KT Driving School

Kevan Taylor of Eden Valley's KT Driving School

Here are some useful winter driving tips :- Make sure all your fluids are topped up & the correct ratio of anti-freeze to water is maintained in both coolant and screen wash reservoirs. Check tyres are in good order with the correct tread depth with a minimum of  1.6 mm of tread & correct pressure in tyres for maximum grip in slippery conditions. Always clear all windows for good visibilty before starting your journey, check all lights are working & cleaned regulary. Always keep a shovel, torch, coat & change of footwear such as boots or wellingtons. If taking a long journey stock up with food & drink as well. Allow more time for your journey, then you will not be under pressure to drive faster than is safe.

When driving in slippery conditions always try to drive smoothly & slower than normal as sudden movements could cause you to loose control. Try to do your braking on the straights, never brake when cornering . Increase your distance between you and the car infront, driving in a lower gear when going down hill as this will help with engine braking allowing you to brake less. When starting off from a standing  start, try and use a higher gear than normal, usually 2nd, this feeds in the power more gently meaning less wheel spin. Plan your journey, choose roads that you know will be gritted if possible or have gentle slopes rather than steep ones.

Kevan Taylor, certified instructor with KT Driving instructs beginners and certified learners and can be contacted at 017683 62082. If you are already certified, but are interested in increasing your confidence or further refining your driving skills please feel free to contact Kevan about Pass Plus courses. Thank you.