Fire at Appleby Castle Estate

10.45 Appleby-in-westmorland.

Fire Engine approaching Appleby's Castle

Fire Engine approaching Appleby’s Castle. Multiple fire engines brought the blaze under control.

On my way to do some work on Logic Plumbing and heating firm’s website, I saw large plumes of smoke drifting from the town to the south. This morning a fire broke out in the Appleby Castle estate issuing a large cloud of grey and brown smoke. Cumbria Fire Service sent 5 engines and fire officers to fight the blaze in one of the houses on the estate and quickly brought it under control. Apparently the castle is undamaged.

Appleby Castle Fire

Smoke visible around Lady Anne Clifford’s Norman tower, Appleby Castle

Over in Bongate, a panicking Cormorant was seen flapping about in a dazed fashion in the road, several attempts were made to catch the bird by public spirited residents before one gentleman successfully rescued it and took it off swiftly to Appleby vets for treatment.

Good folk rescuing a dazed Cormorant in Bongate Appleby

Good folk rescuing a dazed Cormorant in Bongate Appleby, note smoke from the Castle fire visible in the background.

Stalwart work! Well done to them and well done the Cumbrian Fire Service Officers.

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