Welcome to Better Cumbria

Here social commentators, writers and artists can portray and discuss the things that they think make Cumbria better, or that they think will improve Cumbria. It’s that simple and that complex! The theme will be positive and constructive. There will also be links to news items and related commentary that shall focus on matters that have a bearing upon the quality of life in Cumbria. The public are encouraged to comment and Better Cumbria will, upon the Editor’s discretion, accept articles, short stories, poems and illustrations, on a non-fee paying basis, that:

A) conform to acceptable writing standards, i.e. are comfortably readable to a competent English language reader, conform to the laws of The United Kingdom, and do not infringe others’ copyrights, i.e. they must be submitted by the original author of the work with express permission to publish on this site. The original authors are understood to retain all copyrights, but once submitted to Better Cumbria, a contribution cannot be withdrawn unless it is replaced with an improved version


B) suit the theme of this electronic magazine (e-zine)


C) are no more than 5,000 words in length

Politicians and public servants may submit material, but are expected to clarify whether their submission is made in a private or public capacity. All comments will be moderated and contributions may or may not be published at the Editor’s discretion. The Editor’s decision will be final.

I will endeavor  to make this site a pleasant and valuable read and I hope that you enjoy Better Cumbria

Thank you very much.

Charles Paxton (Editor)