A grim threat to fair Eden, but will residents rally in time to fend it off?

What circumstances could result in flooding, dead squirrels and birds, sickening turbine flicker and infrasonic pollution and crashing real estate prices in the Eden Valley?

Those of you who guessed “the construction and operation of a giant wind power station just above Reagill” could well be right.

Communities Against Reagill and Sleagill Turbines are holding an environmental education exhibition to inform the public about the looming threat to this beautiful part of Cumbria.

CARST are holding an open exhibition in Morland to publicize the visual and environmental damage that the proposed Reagill and Sleagill turbine cluster is expected to cause nearby human and wildlife communities. This is the most comprehensive attempt yet to spread the word that developers from the north east want to set up a giant wind power station on the ridge above Reagill in the Eden Valley. One of the organisers of the exhibition said “Many people still don’t realise that this wind farm project could become a grim reality and inflict extremely negative impacts on local residents and wildlife. It’s very sad.”

It’s feared that erecting the enormous (up to 125m) structures in huge slabs of concrete in this area could damage water tables and exacerbate flood risk, kill birds and bats, disrupt the lives of people, endangered red squirrels and amphibians. It is also expected to have a negative impact on Cumbria’s tourism industry.

Come along and find out for yourselves what all the fuss is about! You’ll be amazed at the economic incentives behind the proposed folly. Then you’ll probably be very, very annoyed.

Communities Against Reagill / Sleagill Turbines Exhibition

Morland Village Hall

Saturday 14 November 2009 12:30pm to 6:30pm

Guest Speakers Refreshments

Your Chance to Vote for The Kendal Calling Music Festival

I recently received this message from one of the movers and shakers in the Cumbrian music scene and I thought that it was worth passing it on, so here goes …


Apologies for the group message, but I think this one is worth it.

After only 4 years of existing Kendal Calling has not only grown to be a great example of what can be achieved by people on the ground in Cumbria but is now reaching national recognition alongside the best festivals in the UK.

At this years Festival Awards we are in the last 10 nominations for;

Best Small Festival

Grassroots Festival

PLEASE help us in this final stage by voting at the following link, it only takes a couple of minutes 😉



Please pass this message onto as many people as possible, every vote counts and we really have a great chance of winning with your help.


Ben, Andy & KC Team x

Ben Robinson


Kendal Calling