Carlisle Toy Fair Returns March 25th 2018

Model steam engines at Carlisle Toy Fair

Did I forget to mention steam engines? Whether you’re looking for something you used to have or something that you always wanted, there’re all manner of fun toys and models and Carlisle’s Toy Fair!

If you enjoy models, toys, figures, games, Sci-fi, TV and film memorabilia and other fun collectibles then you might seriously enjoy Carlisle’s Toy Fair. The Spring date is March 25th and there’ll be a lot of traders with interesting tables full of well-loved treasures from toy boxes past, collectors cabinets and attics!

There’s a slightly different offering every time but certain things you can count on seeing, lovely models from such great manufacturers as Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky and Triang. Trains from Hornby, planes, cars, tanks and ships from Airfix. Figures from Britains and Palitoy.  All sorts of great stuff to collect or play with! Usually there are also cabinets and cases to put your expanding collection in, as well.

Note that as well as shopping for your stuff you can also bring along your own things to swap or part exchange with the traders, so you might want to have a look in your attic and dust off your own models, doll’s houses, farm sets, ponies etc.

Yes, there’s plenty of interest for lasses too!

There'll even be two display cabinet traders at this Carlisle Toy Fair, so you can organise and showcase your treasures!

Help to organise and showcase your treasures!

Model cars and trucks and much more , Carlisle Toy Fair is an ideal hunting ground for for collectors and Christmas shoppers alike.

Model cars and trucks and much more , Carlisle Toy Fair is an ideal hunting ground for collectors and shopping for birthdays and Christmas!