Please Write Objection To Raisgill Turbine Appeal, Reference APP/H0928/A/14/2223447 ASAP

Landscape conservation is important. Raisgill Hall have appealed EDC’s decision to reject their wind turbine planning proposal, if you love fine landscape, can you please write to the Planning Inspectorate and ask them to reject the appeal? An email to may be the quickest and easiest method. See below for details of the situation.

Strategic alliance Against Lakeland Turbines

artists_rendition_of_orton_ An artists rendition of what the view of Orton might look like if the Raisgill Hall wind turbine appeal prevails.

Please help save these very beautiful views, write urgently to reiterate your opposition to the Raisgill Turbine proposal appeal Reference APP/H0928/A/14/2223447 .

When Eden District Council refused to grant planning permission for the installation of a wind turbine at Raisgill Hall, in Cumbria’s pristine Orton Valley, many of us breathed a sigh of relief. We felt wisdom had prevailed and the outstanding landscape there was protected.

If you haven’t heard already, I’m sorry to relay disappointing news of an appeal against EDC’s well-supported decision to reject the giant turbine.

You are quite entitled to make a representation against the appeal, providing it is received before the 17th September 2014, and the Appeal Reference APP/H0928/A/14/2223447 is quoted.

Westmorland Fells Group says that if you objected to the application, your initial response to Eden District Council will have…

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