Cumbria Community Messaging short-listed for Technology4Good Award – please vote for CCM

Cumbria Community Messaging logo

Cumbria Community Messaging is getting the word out. Click above to register for safety alerts and other information

Please take a moment to vote for Cumbria Community Messaging, a very useful system that passes messages out quickly to people by their preferred means, rapidly informing us about criminal activity, fire prevention and consumer threats amongst other things. See message below from Dr. John Perkins:

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association is a charitable organisation who work with Cumbria Police and their partners to help prevent and detect crime in local communities. They are the driving force behind Cumbria Community Messaging – the means by which you get those important community safety messages.

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association has been short-listed for a prestigious national award for their work on that system. You can help boost their chances of getting an award by voting for the Peoples Award – click here and give them your e mail address; vote for Cumbria Community Messaging; and finally tell them that you heard about the award through Cumbria Community Messaging – it’ll only take a minute of your time, but it will mean a world of difference to Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association and the volunteers who work hard on your behalf to make this system what it is today.

If you are a Tweeter, there are separate instructions regarding sending Tweets.

Voting closes at midnight on June 30th.

Dr John Perkins

Chair of CNWA



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