UK’s first Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Results in Yes Vote

A historic Yes vote is the result of the UK’s first Localism Referendum, which was held in the Upper Eden area of Cumbria on 7 March 2013.


Voters have endorsed the Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan (covering Brough Parish and 16 surrounding parishes in East Cumbria), this will now go forward to be formally included as part of Eden District Council’s Development Plan (planning policy used to determine planning applications) at a full Council meeting on 11 April 2013.


Neighbourhood Planning is a new system of spatial planning which allows residents to come together to produce their own development plan for their area.


The result of the Referendum is as follows:

Referendum on the adoption of the Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan

  1. A referendum was held on Thursday 7 March 2013 to decide on the question below:

    ‘Do you want Eden District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Upper Eden area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’


  • Votes in favour: 1,310
  • Votes against: 138
  • Total Turnout: 1,452 (33.67%)


Eden District Council’s Leader Councillor Gordon Nicolson, said: “I offer my congratulations to the Upper Eden Planning Group on a successful result. I am delighted that the residents of Upper Eden have decided by a significant  majority to endorse the Upper Eden Community Plan. This is the first plan in the country. I do hope that local people will now submit planning applications and we look forward to dealing with them. That is how the communities will benefit as the housing they want will be built in places they want to live.”

Eden District Council’s Planning and Economy Portfolio Holder and Brough Ward Councillor, Malcolm Smith, said: “As the Planning and Economy Portfolio for Eden District Council I am overjoyed with the “Yes” vote in the referendum. I am sure the local community will take up the benefits this plan will open up for them with their planning applications. I would like to congratulate everyone, including the 17 parishes for the effort they put in to achieve this unique and positive result.”

The Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the Upper Eden Community Plan Group, which represents 17 parish councils across the area. For more information visit
For more information about Eden District Council visit or find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter



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