Third Time Lucky For Carlisle Airport? Your support is needed!

Would Cumbria be better with its own airport at Carlisle? A great many people think it would provide powerful economic benefits. You may have heard that Stobart’s third planning application for Carlisle airport is expected to be reviewed later this month by Carlisle City Council. You can play an important role in helping progress the plans.

Many of us have already written supporting previous applications. However, with each new application only those letters sent in specific to that application are taken into account. So the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce say it’s important that we all get behind this once again.

This airport is thought by many to be vital for our business economy, and the Chamber of Commerce feel that Stobart’s plans are the best, and probably our last, opportunity for the airport to succeed and to keep WA and Stobarts in the county. So please write now to Carlisle City Council supporting the application. Such letters of support are taken into account in making decisions on planning applications, and the number received makes a difference, so it’s important for the county that we all get behind this. Everybody in the household can and should comment separately if they have a view on the matter. Numbers count! Please have your say.

Please find below the postal and email address for letters of support in relation to Carlisle Airport:

Carlisle City Council
Planning and Housing Department
Civic Centre

Letters can also be emailed directly to

If you’d like more background info then please read on.

Current income is insufficient to support the case for a modern day airport and in fact the airport loses a significant amount of money. It’s therefore necessary as part of the development, as with other smaller airports, to establish economically viable and sustainable non-aeronautical revenue to ensure the viability and sustainability of the airport.

The airport has been in decline, with no commercial flights, for some years and for many businesses this lack of connectivity to markets and opportunities outside the region has held back growth – with the knock-on effect to supplier businesses and the wider economy.

Although many businesses may not use the airport directly, evidence shows that in areas where there is a successful regional airport the whole business economy benefits, not just those who use it. There is a chain of benefit. The airport is likely to benefit not just the Carlisle area but the whole of Cumbria and Southwest Scotland.

• For more information contact Suzanne Caldwell on 0845 226 0040 or 07825 050 298.
• Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, owned by its members for the benefit of members. Our aim is to help the business community throughout Cumbria to grow and prosper.
• For more information on the Chamber and its activities see


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