Cumwhinton community threatened again by windfarm developers

The people in Cumwhinton have already spent a fortune and considerable effort successfully defending their part of the Cumbrian skyline against one windfarm development that was quite rightly rejected by the Planning authority, but now there are two new separate planning applications for wind turbines under consideration by planners in Carlisle. The community needs your help. If you wish to assist the local residents in the defence of the landscape and their amenity value, then please object to proposals 11/0596 and 11/0597 as soon as you can.

Everybody in your household can object if they wish. Each letter, email or online submission counts individually. So everyone in the family can do their bit to protect Cumbrian countryside. A child’s objection carries as much clout as an adult’s providing that the objections are based on valid planning grounds. The objections can be very short. Valid grounds for objecting  include :

impact on the landscape will be bad (massive unsightly structures will mar the views – there is no means of screening giant wind turbines)

impact on resident and migratory wildife is expected to be harmful (particularly for  birds, including geese and raptors, and bats)

impact on local residents’ amenity is expected to be  bad (their loss of enjoyment of their surroundings, the inconvenience caused by disruption during construction)

impact on tourism is expected to be bad, many people enjoy sweeping unspoilt views near Hadrian’s wall.

Please click here for instructions on how to object to the two new proposals.

Your objections could make all the difference to protecting the Cumwhinton environment. Please send them in before August 19th.


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