Cum T’t Show! Thursday 26th August



Thursday 26th August 2010
from 10 am
at Low Bottom, Maulds Meaburn
(Between Kings Meaburn & Maulds Meaburn)

Traditional Westmorland show with classes for
horses & ponies, cattle, sheep, poultry, vintage
tractors & machinery, ploughing, baking,
horticulture, children’s craft and more.

WRESTLING at 12.45pm



and other Trade Stands

Entrance fee: £5, children £1: FREE PARKING
Caterer in attendance and Licensed Bar
Enjoy a day out in the beautiful Lyvennet Valley

For more details please telephone : 01931 715248

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The Crosby Ravensworth Agricultural, Horticultural, Industrial, Poultry and Horse Show and Vintage Rally

(First Published in Lyvennet Community Plan Report 2009. For full report click here)

Always a red letter day, “T’t Show” has been the social event of the year for the Parish since its inception in 1856. Though much has changed through the 152 years, this is still true in this, its 140th year, the gap years were due to disruption by W.W.II and Foot and Mouth Disease . Originally held in Crosby Ravensworth, beside the Lyvennet, recently the event has been sited in a broad, flat field between Maulds and King’s Meaburn that is in many ways an ideal site. “Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling used to be popular and attract the crowds”, but it has been many years now since we heard the cry “Tak Hod!” (Take Hold!). This distinctive and popular sports contest has now been restored and Crosby Show is one of the few places where you can enjoy the tradition.

Crosby show is a delightful event that epitomises and encapsulates all that is worth celebrating in English rural life, and it can be enjoyed on a variety of levels. On the simplest level, for the visitor , the show allows a chance to see the fruits of everybody’s engagement in the celebration of all that they do best. This is a bewildering array of productive activity that ranges from growing our own flowers, fruit and vegetables to baking, jamming and flower-arranging to equestrian events and to the fine breeding of livestock.

There is a row of stalls and a jolly bouncy castle for the youngsters, then an equestrian arena for the pet show and of course the equestrian assessments and events themselves which show off the horses and riders very admirably.

The stock pens are always worth a close look, for here you can meet the cream of the local livestock. Even those who are ignorant of the finer points can recognise true class when they see it – and here it is, washed, combed  and  crowned with rosettes.  The proud aristocracy of Border and Blue-faced Leicesters, the top Texels, the supreme Swaledales and prize bullocks. In the poultry tent one is confronted by the sheer variety and true graceful majesty of  domestic fowl and some rabbits.

If you have never experienced onion-envy then it is possible that the Crosby Ravensworth Show’s produce tent will introduce you to the emotion. It’s not just the very high standard of everything on display that is breathtaking, but the painstaking organisation of the produce on the trestle tables and the artwork on the display boards is itself a wonder of  tessellation and diplomacy. It is very inspirational and great fun. For contributors the show offers all the aforementioned enjoyment, plus the pride of  display and  studied appraisal of  the current and future competition!

In the Lyvennet Valley Community Plan Report 2009 there were 61 comments made regarding The Show and these have been considered by the Show Committee and many ‘taken on board’ when planning this year’s event.  All being well, it’s going to be a grand day for all who attend!