‘Reform’ thinktank – scheming to remove another 30,000 NHS hospital beds

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting heartily sick and tired of people trying to weaken our NHS in the pretense of improving health care services. I don’t want to see our nation’s health care staff looking overstretched, hag-ridden and overburdened.

Provided to our people since 1948 in return for the enormous sacrifices made in WWII, free health care at point of use funded from central taxation has been one of the things that makes this country great.

I have just read the BBC News article “Hospitals ‘should axe thousands more beds’By Nick Triggle, Health reporter for BBC News and I think it may be time for the members of the ‘Reform‘ thinktank  (who came up with this nonsensical idea) to retire and donate their magnificent brains to the cause of furthering the nation’s scientific studies into Dementia.

Unless ‘Reform‘ are planning to replace each of the beds with two really cozy hammocks, I don’t see how their scheme to reduce the number of beds in NHS hospitals is expected to increase health care provision. I would rather expect such cuts to reduce NHS capacity to care for the sick, wouldn’t you?

Even in our current age of disingenuous ‘bullshine’ and Orwellian ‘doublethink’ (soon may it end through general election), Reform‘s recommendation to axe 30,000 hospital beds, many of them in North West England, ostensibly in order to improve personalised health care has to rank as one of  the most counter-intuitive that I’ve heard.

Some people might even venture to call it a very silly idea, I’ll leave the reader to judge

As Triggle points out, “The hospital bed count has been falling for decades” even as the demographic curve moves more and more of our aging population in and out of hospitals nationwide.

Here’s a newsflash for the ladies and gentlemen of the Reform thinktank, as our population ages we can expect more people to be using hospitals, not less. So keep your money-grubbing mits off our NHS!

Thank you


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