My Foot in Good Hands. In Praise of Palipane.

That’s Doctor Palipane of Carlisle’s Cumbria Infirmary, Orthopaedics dept. that I’m talking about. I’m not advocating that you follow in my somewhat unfortunate, if not dispraxic footsteps and dislocate your ankle. What I am saying, however, is that if your scooter does happen to skid on some gravel and you do find yourself braking too hard with your own flesh and bone, well, it seems that there are far worse places to do it than Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria. That is so I found in September of this year.

My first piece of good fortune was to be discovered by a very good Samaritan, Mr. Eddie Brewer of Crosby Hall, within two minutes of my misadventure. First this kind, Christian gentleman brought me home, then he went back and brought home my scooter!

My second piece of good fortune was to find my fractured leg and ankle in the caring and competent hands of Dr. Palipane and his excellent orthopaedic team. It seems I’d made quite a mess of my ankle and lower end of my Fibula, but he did a superb job with supportive metalwork.

I find Carlisle’s main hospital a modern, bright and cheerful place. Elm C ward’s clean and warm with kind nurses and a very cheery cleaner cum tea lady. They didn’t stint on the pain killers and the food on the ward was excellent. An advancing Hospital indeed.

I’m now aiming for 50% weight bearing and it’s all thanks to the good auspices of the Cumbria NHS.

Many thanks to Eddie Brewer, the good staff at Penrith Hospital, the ambulance service and all the good folk at Cumberland Infirmary.