Mapping Local Food Webs- Penrith Workshop Invitation

Mapping Local Food Webs-
Penrith Workshop Invitation

As part of the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Mapping Local Food Webs project that is currently taking place in Penrith, we would like to invite you to an evening workshop event, to explore what local food means to your economy, community and the countryside.

The workshop will take place:
Monday November 16th
7 – 9
Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Penrith CA11 7RB

The event will be an opportunity to meet others and build connections, enjoy free local refreshments and the chance to win a local food hamper, and be part of the new Mapping Local Food Webs project. We will discuss the environmental, social and economic aspects of local food in Penrith.

During the evening we would like to:

Hear your views and opinions about local food in and around Penrith.
Establish issues around local food that are particularly important in the area.
Understand strengths and weaknesses in the local food web between the farmer, retailer and shopper.

We hope that as many local people, shopkeepers, farmers, and decision makers as possible will attend. No prior knowledge of local food is required – wherever you shop and whatever your view about local food, we’d like to hear from you. We would be very glad if you could extend this invitation to your friends, family and colleagues.

The Mapping Local Food Webs project aims to engage the skills and knowledge of local people in order to explore the impact that local foods have on local people, the local community, local businesses and the countryside. We aim to achieve a better understanding of some of the challenges facing local food networks, to build links within the community between local residents, shopkeepers, farmers and policy makers, and to create opportunities to influence local, regional and national policy and planning decisions. The event on the 16th of November will be an important part of this work.

For more information you can also visit:
Mapping Local Food Webs: HYPERLINK “”

Or contact Helen Meade, North West Regional Co-ordinator
07833 250134